Scavenger Hunt – Kassia Style

bookstack.jpg The clever readers of PBR tracked down the answers to last week’s contest with little trouble and a bit of help from google (that second part is a guess but an informed one since that’s how we’d do it). You even managed not to get confused by the first question. Yeah, Cait London is actually a pseudonym. We know. We know. Next time we’ll be more clear.
Anyway, here are last week’s answers:
1. What is the pseudonym for bestselling romance author Cait London? Cait London’s real name is Lois Kleinsasser. She writes contemporaries as Cait London and historicals as Cait Logan. We gave credit for both Cait Logan and Lois Kleinsasser.
2. What was the original title of Jennifer Crusie’s What The Lady Wants? Whatever Maebelle Wants.
3. Name the title and author of the launch book for Harlequin Blaze. Vicky Lewis Thompson’s Notorious was the official Blaze launch book and Blaze #1.
And the winner is – Samantha Wesley. Way to go, Samantha! Write us with your address and we’ll send off a copy of The Comeback Kiss to you.
Now for this week… You have one last chance to win a copy of The Comeback Kiss. Lani Diane Rich donated an autographed copy of this great book as the prize. To get your hands on it this time around, you have to figure out Kassia’s scavenger hunt questions. She can be tricky. You’ve been warned.
Here’s Kassia:
I’m feeling a bit thematic with my scavenger hunt today…
1. This husband-and-wife writing team won both the Golden Medallion (the precursor to the RITA) in 1987.
2. Sticking with our dynamic duo, this title, written under their pseudonym, featured an Amish woman and a former child actor.
3. Last but not least, this same couple was included in this magical anthology also featuring award-winning author Jo Beverley.
The rules are the same for this final week: hunt down the answers and email them to us at PBR. DO NOT POST ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS.
Send in those answers!

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  1. Wow! Thanks so much! And please pass on my thanks to Ms Rich as well for the book!

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