June Contest

bookstack.jpg We all survived May, the month of the Scavenger Hunt. For those who played along – thank you and good job. Your Google skills are impressive. For those who didn’t – what, do you guys not like getting free books or something?
First, we have a winner in Scavenger Hunt Kassia Style. She is Jennifer Yates. Congrats!! Send us an email with your contact information, and we’ll get your autographed copy of The Comeback Kiss out to you.
For those scared off by the idea of trying to figure out Kassia’s questions, and you know who you are, here are the questions and correct answers:
1. This husband-and-wife writing team won both the Golden Medallion (the precursor to the RITA) in 1987. The inimitable Sharon and Tom Curtis, writing as Laura London.
2. Sticking with our dynamic duo, this title, written under their pseudonym, featured an Amish woman and a former child actor. The classic Sunshine and Shadow (Kassia cannot believe that HelenKay couldn’t get that one!).
3. Last but not least, this same couple was included in this magical anthology also featuring award-winning author Jo Beverley. When You Wish… The story was the incredible “The Natural Child”. Jennifer gets bonus points for guessing this one because Kassia was staring at the wrong book while she was typing (it was supposed to be award-winning author Elizabeth Elliott — Kassia apologizes and will clean her desk this weekend).
Now for a new contest…
Summer is upon us. At PBR we look at this as a time to be lazy, read and eat. Really, those three can be done all year round, but summer is a good excuse for extra laziness, reading and food. We’ve got the laziness and food parts handled but could use a little help on the reading part. For this month your job is simple (ie, limited Google searching required): you pick a romance subgenre (ie chick lit, romantic suspense, category, historical, paranormal, comedy etc.) and give us three review choices from June and July 2006 releases only in that subgenre. The other requirements: the authors can’t be authors we’ve reviewed before AND at least one of your selections has to be from a debut author. Yes, this may require some searching on PBR. We have one of those nifty search screens on the sidebar. If you’re not sure if we’ve reviewed a particular author before, put in the name and check (hint: that’s faster than reading every single review we’ve ever done, but feel free to read them all if you want to). You can offer suggestions in more than one subgenre category – just do it in separate emails. One subgenre per email.
Here’s the good news: for all your hard work in offering these titles, if we pick your title you get that book and a few others of our choosing. If more than one person picks a title, we’ll randomly select which one of you gets the review book, but all who pick the title will get some free books. Really, how easy is that?

5 thoughts on “June Contest

  1. Congratulations, Jennifer!
    I browsed and browsed and browsed and then didn’t enter because I couldn’t find the answer. Now I know why. I did think for a minute maybe it wasn’t Jo Beverley but didn’t want to embarass myself by sending in the wrong answer yet again. I should have just taken a chance. haha!

  2. I looked and looked too. However, the only anthology that I found that had them in it was When You Wish (it is on my bookshelf and it is a good book.) and thought I’d guess it. I even said in my entry that I was probably wrong, but I’d give it a shot. Glad I did!!!

  3. Wow…I can’t find a debut author in the catagory I wan’t! Wahhh. I guess R/S is on a decline?

  4. Samantha – Check out the RT website. When I want to see what’s coming up, I usually do a search there for a specific month’s releases in a specific subgenre. I think I saw some debut RS in both the RS section and the mainstream (or maybe the contemporary) section.

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