Home Sweet Home

Welcome one and all. This is it, our new home. Our permanent home–we know changing links is a chore and we promise not to ask you all to do it again. We’re still unpacking and trying to decide what should go where, but fear not, we will announce the February contest winners–of all them–later today.

6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Ah, Karen, I’m so enthralled with the clean white space. Now, I’m not one to tell secrets (ha!), but Wendy did heroic work getting the site moved and (this is the real secret) working wonders with CSS. HK and I stand in awe (while congratulating each other for ducking out of hard work — we’re not crazy!).

  2. I have found that if I claim complete technology incompetence (that claim is not much of an embellishment, btw), no one then asks for my help. The “no one” in that sentence means Wendy. Clever, huh?
    To Kassia’s credit, she did offer assistance, and she appears to know quite a bit of geeky tech stuff. Lucky for Kassia, Wendy had resolved most of the transition issues by the time the offer came. In other words, Kassia has the gift of good timing.

  3. No, no. All credit must go to Sheila from Tart Graphics/Book Fetish. This is her design and when I completely mucked up her template and CSS codes she was gracious enough to fix everything I broke.
    Thank you Sheila.

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