New Contest – July 15, 2006

Last week’s scavenger hunt is over and we’re gearing up for this week’s extravaganza. First a big congratulations to the hard-working Jennifer Yates who found the answers to all three questions:

  1. Alison Kent’s 1997 Harlequin Temptation release, The Grinch Makes Good, featured a cover model who appeared on some other 250 covers (hint: usually as a brunette). What’s his name? Joe Anselmo
  2. The One Named Wonder of romance covers first hit shelves in June of 1987 on Joanna Lindsey’s Hearts Aflame. In how many movies has he made a cameo as himself? Fabio has appeared has himself in 6 movies (the key here is as himself)
  3. Who is the Topaz Man who appeared on the step-back cover of Penelope Williamson’s Once in a Blue Moon? Steve Sandalis

Now on to this week’s tough hunt. The answers are readily available on the Internet. I know because I put them there myself (okay, so maybe I didn’t do all the work myself, but it’s really hot, so if you’ve been paying very close attention, you know where to start your research)


  1. This prolific author reportedly came up with the name for Harlequin Presents during a lunch meeting with Alan Boon.
  2. Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Lowell, Cynthia Powell, and JoAnn Ross all have books with this title.
  3. LaVyrle Spencer wrote the debut title for this Harlequin imprint.

The winner of the hunt gets to pry the autographed copy of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta out of Wendy and HelenKay’s hands. Winners will be announced next Saturday. Happy hunting!

P.S. – Send your answers to this address. Don’t post them in the comments (you don’t want to give away your brilliance, do you?)