Fair Warning by Hannah Alexander

fairwarning.jpg Wendy: Bittersweet, freezer burn, front end…Christian romance? Is it another oxymoron or can a genre largely geared to titillate work god into the relationship between hero and heroine? Inspirational romance has been around too long to question the legitimacy of its existence or perhaps even ponder the necessity of mixing faith into a genre famed for its carnality. But what appeal can Inspirationals have for a readership not interested in finding a morality play intertwined with their foreplay? If Fair Warning, the latest offering from the husband and wife writing team known as Hannah Alexander, is any indication, not a lot.

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In The Spirit Of…Christmas – Linda Goodnight

inthespiritofchristmas.jpg Sometimes I have the strangest luck – this month, I applied my usual careful consideration to a range of titles to review*, only to end up with two books so eerily similar that my first draft of this review would have worked for either one.

Not good, not good at all. Especially when I consider that these books didn’t have much to recommend them in the first place.

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