Perfect Partners by Jayne Ann Krentz

perfectpartners2.jpg [HelenKay] One of our regular features here at PBR is the author favorite spot. One of us picks an all-time favorite and tortures the others by insisting the book get a special review. Jayne Ann Krentz is my all-time favorite romance author. This likely is a result of her being the first romance author I ever read, but my opinion of her has not wavered over time. As my romance novel preferences change (and they have), my appreciation of her work has not diminished. Now, for reasons that are not clear, Wendy does not appreciate Krentz with an appropriate level of enthusiasm. Actually, she doesn’t have any enthusiasm for Krentz. Rather than force her to read the book and thereby, potentially, allow this horrific flaw in Wendy’s reading taste to destroy our friendship and reviewing arrangement, I turned to Kassia for assistance. Kassia, being the witty and clever soul she is, shares my admiration for all things Krentz.
The real story is that Wendy, having done a host of solo reviews during my deadline-inflicted absence, is taking a much deserved rest. Unfortunately her anti-Krentz mindset is also true.
For those who don’t know, Perfect Partners follows the story of Letty Thornquist, a librarian at a small mid-western college. Letty inherits a sporting goods company (Thornquist Gear) upon the death of the owner who is also her uncle. Still stinging from her fiancee’s infidelity, Letty sees the inheritance as her ticket to a new life and relocates to Washington to run the company. The CEO of Thornquist Gear, Joel Blackstone, has other ideas. He dreads the arrival of the intellectual and plans to move her out of the way. He’s been using the company to inflict a little revenge on his hometown and the influential businessman who ruined Joel’s family. Joel needs Letty to stay out of the way, and out of his company, until the vengeance is complete.
Then Joel meets Letty, and his priorities change.

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The Bride by Julie Garwood

thebride.jpgBy edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison…a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her…forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this highland barbarian.

He was everything her heart warned against—an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And thought Kincaid’s scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him…until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses…

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Lucky’s Lady by Tami Hoag

lucky's lady.jpgAs wild and mysterious as the Louisiana swamp he called home, Lucky Doucet was a dangerously attractive Cajun no woman could handle.  His solitary life left no room for the likes of elegant Serena Sheridan, but Lucky couldn’t deny her desperate need to find her missing grandfather.  He would help her, but nothing more–yet once he felt the lure of the flaxen-haired beauty, an adventurer like Lucky couldn’t help playing with fire.

Serena felt unnerved, aroused, and excited by the ruggedly sensual renegade whose gaze burned her with its heat, but she did not dare tangle with a rebel whose intensity was overwhelming, who claimed his heart was off limits?  Deeper and deeper they traveled into the steamy bayou, until with one electrifying kiss her resistance melted into liquid desire.  And the devilish rogue found he’d do anything to make Serena Lucky’s Lady.

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