Captain Sinister’s Lady by Darlene Marshall

CaptainSinistersLady.jpg HelenKay: From the title of this book you may expect a swashbuckling alpha hero – sort of a romance read of old where the strong handsome man kidnaps the desperate heroine and through a serious of arguments and fights love blooms. In these other tales, financial interests or vengeance motivates the hero’s actions. Love isn’t the goal; it’s the result.
In some ways that throwback description fits Marshall’s Captain Sinister’s Lady but not really. Morgan Roberts does capture Amanda Stephenson and does decide he wants to keep her. Those characteristics remain. The difference here is in the why and how. The problem here is in the when. One of the drawbacks of the book is that the majority of the romance action takes place in in the first third of the book, leaving the last 200 pages with little conflict or driving force.

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Layover by Ann Wesley Hardin

layover.jpgWhen fellow airline pilots Jack Grayson and Kira Allen barrel down the runway into white-hot lust, Kira proposes a frisky flight plan. They’ll fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies during layovers and revert back to friendship at home.

Footloose by choice, Jack has had the hots for Kira since high school. Unfortunately, she’s his best friend and he promised her late father he’d take care of her. The last thing he needs is rock-your-world sex with a woman he loves too much to marry. But the temptation of her body proves too difficult to resist.

All her life Kira followed a mapped career plan and now wants to settle down and get married. But every time she meets a potential lover, Jack chases him away. Never mind getting married, she can’t even get laid, until a steamy kiss with Jack changes everything and friend becomes lover…and maybe even more.

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All I Ever Wanted by Ellen Fisher

AllIEverWantedCover.jpgMaxfield Sinclair, the author of a popular science fiction series, is revered by fans everywhere as "The Creator." Drew Cooper, a snobbish literature professor, isn’t impressed with Max’s books, or with Max himself, for that matter. As Drew gets to know Max, however, she realizes there’s more to the shy, awkward writer than meets the eye. But can a woman who enjoys escargot and caviar fall in love with a guy who thinks fine cuisine means supreme instead of pepperoni?

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