A New Venture

We decided to try something new.  Not new, really.  We’ve been avid readers for as long as we can remember.  As we work on our respective writing projects, we continue to read both inside the genre and outside.  One thing has remained constant – our collective frustration about the seeming unwillingness of some reviewers to write and post honest reviews of romance books.  Now, we’re not talking about the Smart Bitches or Rosario or even Mrs. Giggles.  These ladies say what they think and while we don’t always agree with them, we do admire them.  There are others, too, but there just aren’t enough voices. 

We complained for awhile on our individual blogs about how even slight criticism of a romance novel touched off rants from everyone in the community because you just don’t speak ill of romance novels and ruin the united front.  We should all agree that’s ridiculous.  Reading romance doesn’t mean you leave common sense and good taste aside.  Then, we had an idea (Wendy had the idea, actually) – why not give it a try.  Show that we can write reviews about romance books that are aimed at informing readers as well as giving constructive feedback to authors.  Are we always right?  Well, no.  These things are subjective.  These are our opinions and, frankly, there will be times when we don’t agree with each other. 

If there are books you want us to review, let us know.  If you disagree or agree with what we say, or just want to chat about a book, leave a comment.  We don’t shy away from controversy or a good conversation.  Some people might get mad.  Some folks might be hurt.  But, remember, we’re reviewing books, not people.  We vow not to get personal and to always approach the reviews from the angle that we love the genre and want to do what we can to make it better.  And, to prove no one is immune, HelenKay is ready to have her 2006 releases reviewed, with the help of a guest reviewer, of course.

So, starting tomorrow we’re up and running.  We hope you’ll stop by and join in the discussion.

Wendy & HelenKay