And Then There Were Three

We are thrilled that Kassia Krozser has chosen to join us here at Paperback Reader.  As the voice of Booksquare, her look at the publishing industry is always insightful, witty, and spot on.  We know she will bring that same thoughtful scrutiny to her book reviews.  In Kassia we have found a kindred spirit, who shares, not only our love of romance, but our belief that critical analysis is vital to the genre.

Welcome to the shark pool, Kassia.

3 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. Okay, now I’m scared. Thank you both for the warm welcome and faith. Especially the latter. Here’s hoping I don’t destroy your carefully honed reputations…

  2. We mostly have reputations for causing trouble – ‘tho we can’t figure out why. Really, you can only help us improve our collective reputation. Welcome!

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