And Then There Were Four

bookstack.jpgLorna Freeman, national bestselling author of Covenants and The King’s Own, has agreed to join the festivities here at PBR. Lorna is a long time romance reader who shares many of our thoughts and hopes for the genre. We are humbled by her presence here and delighted with her thought-provoking insight into fiction. Welcome Lorna! And, thank you for saying yes.

5 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four

  1. Welcome, Lorna!
    I didn’t recognize your name, but I did recognize the books when I saw the covers. I’ve been meaning to get them. I just may have to get them now. At least the first one. 🙂

  2. Delurking to give a fangirl squee. Will restrain oneself from asking when next book is coming out.
    Now back in control, glad to see Lorna join. I am looking forward to seeing her take.

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