How to Be The Perfect Girlfriend – Heather MacAllister

How To Be The Perfect GirlfriendSometimes fate plays a hand in the review process, sometimes it’s just a really fat feline. A few weeks ago, my cat decided to clean my bookshelves, thinking if she could knock enough stuff to the floor, she’d be able to squeeze into a space the size of a kitten. Needless to say, she grew bored with her project around the time that she’d cleared a good chunk of one shelf, and I was left to pick up her mess (yeah, guess who’s in charge at my house). As with all my house-cleaning attempts, one moment I was gung-ho, the next I was glancing at Heather MacAllister’s Temptation How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend.

I’m a lot like my cat, but not in a good way.

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